Week #41 - 2022

Week #41 - 2022

Joash Xu
·Oct 15, 2022·

1 min read

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This week, I have been cooking every day. It is a bit difficult to cook every day. But it is achievable if I cook simple dishes and plan accordingly. Why cook, though? First, I want to get healthier. Second, cooking saves money. And finally, I think it is good for a family to eat home-cooked meals rather than buying them all the time.

I stumbled upon this great-looking app called Heptabase. It looks amazing. I almost subscribe. But they only allow annual subscriptions for the moment. And no trial. So yeah, it looks great, but I will wait a bit.

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I am thinking of treating MindNode as a whiteboard. I use Milanote for this. As a mood board and a whiteboard, Milanote is excellent. But to use it as a mind map, not so much. I can add a link to a node that points to a local file or another Mindnode file. And with URL schema, I can open the corresponding application. So maybe I can use it like Heptabase’s whiteboard? I have to dig deeper.

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