Week #42 - 2022

Week #42 - 2022

Joash Xu
·Oct 22, 2022·

2 min read

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Obsidian just released v1. So I have been looking into this app. I have been using Zettelkasten as my note-taking method. In this system, you are advised to separate between project notes, fleeting notes, and permanent notes. I use The Archive to access my permanent notes, but fleeting notes, literature notes, and project notes are still disorganized. I am hoping that Obsidian can solve this problem. The idea is to use Obsidian to keep my literature notes, fleeting notes, and project notes. Since Obsidian is ultra-flexible, I hope I quickly find what works for me so I don’t waste my time tinkering with it.

Obsidian v1

I have been reading Tiago Forte’s Building a second brain. I have been following the topic for a while. I was a member of Tiago Forte’s blog once, and I am familiar with this topic. But still, the book is good. I like the organization of this book. Everything fits.

Building a Second Brain

This week I made the Three cup chicken. It is a Taiwanese dish. It is pretty simple to make and very delicious. It is so good that I cooked it twice! There are many recipes out there. I like the version where you put more liquid. Because I ran out of liquid the first time around. The taste was still good, but cleaning the wok afterward was not fun. So add more liquid, then thicken up in the end. I like the following version the best.

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